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Using Print Media to leverage your digital strategy

Using Print Media to leverage your digital strategy

Print is still hugely effective as a marketing tool and when combined with online marketing the two can greatly complement each other.

Understanding how to reach customers across a mix of print and digital will provide the greatest visibility for your brand in the right places. The trick is to encourage cross-pollination across online and offline media which will drive customers from print to digital and from digital to print.

We discuss how to effectively drive your customers between the two platforms and the benefits of doing so:

Drive traffic to your online campaigns through a blended campaign.QR codes are an effective way of driving traffic between print and digital campaigns. QR codes can be printed on anything, allowing for creativity, and enables you to track when your customers are interacting between channels, and pinpoint exactly when they are engaging with your printed material.

Use a unique URL on your printed media. A unique, memorable URL will stick in the minds of readers, is trackable and is extremely effective in pushing customers online. Don’t forget that the same can be said for using online channels to push customers to your printed material.

Ensure you leverage data-driven insights from QR codes or unique URLs to determine the most effective mix of print and online channels for your business.

Drive social engagement with a printed Call to Action. Sending readers online for more information or to avail of an exclusive offer is a great way of using print to drive your online traffic. A printed twitter handle also allows your customers to join the conversation instantly.

Printed material is tactile and personable and allows people to explore your brand without any effort. It will also serve as a reminder as printed material can sit on a desk or coffee table for long periods of time, breeding familiarity to online campaigns that follow.

Reaching a broader audience. If your audience is spread across multiple demographics such as age, gender and profession, combining your digital strategy with that of print, will ensure you reach a much broader audience.

Near-Field Communication (NFC) and Geo-Targeting Near-field communication enabled print ads embedded with an NFC tag is an exciting way to deliver engaging content directly to consumers though print media. Geo-location technologies allow you to send out relevant promotional offers to your target market in real-time as it happens.

More marketing platforms will lead to more conversions. Seeding your brand message out through multiple channels means it will resonate with your customers faster than if that same message was advertised on a single channel.

Consider partnering with a marketing services partner that can manage all elements of your campaign. An experienced and highly specialised team will seamlessly blend the print and digital assets of your campaigns to deliver the perfect communications strategy so your audience is completely and powerfully engaged.

Combining your print and digital efforts is a winning solution that comes down to content creation, it’s reach, frequency and engagement. As customers continue to move between devices and engage with brands across multiple channels the key is to understand the role each specific channel plays within your customers’ journey.


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