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Reducing Environmental Impact With Carbon Balanced Paper

Reducing Environmental Impact With Carbon Balanced Paper

What is Carbon Balanced Paper?
Carbon Balanced Paper enables you to offset the unavoidable carbon emissions of your printed marketing communications. The average carbon impact of your paper can now be measured and offset through the work of the World Land Trust.

How is Carbon Balanced Paper Achieved?
It is achieved through the preservation of ecologically important forests that are under threat of clearance thus locking in carbon that would otherwise be released and securing continued absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Why switch to Carbon Balanced Paper?
Taking positive action with Carbon Balanced Paper helps combat global warming and delivers against your corporate social responsibility. It is a simple and inexpensive choice that reduces the carbon impact of your printed marketing material, quantifies the amount of CO2 balanced and the area of high value conservation preserved.

74.24 tonnes of CO2 has been carbon balanced by Custodian to date which is the equivalent of:

251,128 car miles neutralised
• Taking 21 petrol cars off the road
• Driving around Britain’s coastline 50 times
31 passenger return flights London – New York
51,965 square metres of land preserved in the World Land Trust
• Equivalent of 7.3 football pitches of land area preserved.

Who is the World Land Trust?
World Land Trust is an international conservation charity that protects the world most treasured habitats acre by acre. They are instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 700,000 acres of habitat in Africa, Asia, Central & South America and the UK to create reserves and give permanent protection to habitats and wildlife.