M&Ms Premium In-Store Display

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We designed, printed and installed this M&Ms bespoke gondola end for SuperValu in Glanmire, Co. Cork. Our client wanted to upgrade the existing aisle-end with M&Ms branding that would make the product stand out amongst the many other brands in a supermarket. We created a bespoke gondola aisle-end from a sustainable material called Re-board. Re-board is created from trees in sustainably forested Nordic forests and turned into patented paper core board using as little chemicals and additives as possible. It is lightweight, meaning it consumes less fuel when being transported. The high quality fibres in the material mean it can be recycled and reused up to 7 times. The design features the bright yellow from the M&M’s colour palette to catch the shopper’s eye and make the aisle-end pop. We created a border of M&M’s lentils to create a fun, colourful reference to the product. The border also contains raised 3d lentils to add a tactile element to the aisle end. The header was made using a reflective material that would catch the light. We also backlit the aisle end using LED strip lighting for a more impactful finish. The existing aisle-end contained a digital screen. We created a loop animation of one of the M&M’s characters dancing to be displayed on the digital screen. The motion aspect helped to catch the attention of people passing by and the animation reinforced the brand’s playful identity. We also placed vinyl M&M’s lentil floor stickers at the base of the unit to cover a wider space and create a more cohesive aesthetic. Our client was extremely satisfied with this high-impact, eye-catching aisle-end and the design is has since been rolled into other stores.

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