Uncle Ben’s ‘Chinese New Year’ Nominated for FMBE Award 2018

Client: Mars Ireland

Project: Chinese New Year


  • Drive customers into stores to shop the Uncle Ben’s product range
  • Encourage increased purchases around Chinese New Year for the Uncle Ben’s brand
  • Drive Brand Awareness for Uncle Ben’s and Chinese New Year and highlight product
  • Provide a front of store solution for retailers to host large volumes of stock

The Campaign:

We are delighted to share that this campaign has been nominated in the FMBE Awards 2018 on behalf of our client Mars Ireland. The FMBE Awards champion best practice in field marketing and brand experience and celebrate live or experiential marketing campaigns. We were tasked with designing and creating an outstanding functional Uncle Ben’s display unit that would enhance the brand experience around the Chinese New Year theme by creating in-store theatre.

As this campaign was a large activation at retail we understood that the requirement was to achieve high ranking features in all stores.  The FSDU’s were designed to create maximum visual impact in-store based on the Chinese New Year theme whilst also providing maximum stability ensuring the FSDU’s would have the strength to carry large quantities of product, have the capability to be easily merchandised and withstand wear and tear for the duration of the campaign.  This activation featured Gondola end kits across multiple retailers, bespoke headers, sampling stands, in-store theatre and recipe booklets. Headers were placed on the Gondola End Kits to drive impact and the side fins included pockets which housed recipe cards.

The stands were designed to arrive in store flat packed in a shipper box for protection and had only 6 steps to full build ensuring the field sales agent could easily and quickly assemble the units.


The FSDU’s were part of a campaign where the overall objective was to increase recruitment to the brand and drive awareness. During the period of this activity the brand saw huge support from key retailers and managed to secure feature for a 5-week period in 90 stores nationwide.

This campaign yielded excellent results for the Uncle Ben’s brand across the jar range and the rice varieties, versus last year, with increased value and volume across the entire range, some even into double growth rate figures.

The fantastic growth year on year was driven by great feature in-store with high ranking gondola ends dressed with highly engaging POS, and a massive contribution from all the additional Chinese New Year temples that were placed. The key elements were ease of build and store presence. The structure of this unit is now being used as a base point for future activations.

Client feedback from Louise Robinson, Customer Marketing Manager, Mars Ireland:

“I think you will agree that the FSDU’s were capable of being easily merchandised and strong enough to hold large stock quantities. They look AMAZING!  The feedback was so positive, store managers loved the temples and the GEK displays. A massive thank you for the designs, print and the structure behind these units. They said both the end and the temples were very easy to place and very easy to build. Perfect height and visibility in-store.”