Milupa Experiential Campaign – Nominated for An Post Smart Marketing Award 2019

Our work on the Milupa ‘Tailored For Little Tummies’ campaign has been nominated for an FMBE Award 2018 in the ‘Most Effective Display Unit Category’. Championing best practice in field marketing and brand experience, the FMBE Awards celebrate the sales and marketing professionals that support brands ensuring they gain the greatest possible presence at retail. The Awards also celebrate live brand experiences or experiential marketing, where live events are used in combination with other media to directly impact consumers and shoppers to generate results including sales, brand or product advocacy, brand recall, word of mouth recommendation, social media advocacy, market insight and advertising content.

Project: Milupa ‘Tailored For Little Tummies’

Milupa cereals is a weaning product tailored for each of the three stages of the weaning journey all the way up until one year. Currently the market leader, Milupa has strong market share and high brand awareness. With many mums moving straight on to family cereals after Milupa Stage 1 baby cereal, retention is their biggest challenge. With this is mind the must win battle is to keep mum in the baby cereal category by extending the journey beyond the first box of baby rice.


The main objectives for this campaign were:

  1. Retention of mums after Stage 1 baby cereal.
  2. Help mums to understand that they have up until their baby is 1 year old to wean them off baby cereal.
  3. Give them a clear ‘reason to stay’ by making them aware of the nutritional benefits of baby cereals over family cereals.


As part of this launch Milupa wished to do experiential/interactive POS with some of the key Irish retailers to create stand out in store and land their key messages. The instore activity consisted of the following:

  1. Aisle takeover only
  2. Both aisle takeover and experiential/interactive activity

This was part of a bigger 360 launch campaign that included TV campaign creative, packaging, digital MPUs, new website and social assets.

Our design team were tasked with designing an exciting experiential POS creative concept around Milupa baby cereals, with the target audience being first time parents of babies 4-12 months.

With the target audience and campaign objectives in mind the design needed to be interactive for parent and baby, be able to display product and compelling enough to stop shoppers and their babies in their tracks.

The aisle takeover consisted of:

  • Aisle Arch
  • Bay Shroud

Sketches were developed around a children’s ‘play-area’ theme which was comprised of multiple elements including

  • Play Pen
  • Soft floor tiles
  • Spongey product boxes inside the play pen
  • Sensory Area
  • Child size chairs
  • Lenticular Panel
  • FSDU
  • DL Leaflet

The area was designed to be child friendly with the use of light and durable material properties, with rounded corners and weighted bases added to ensure stability in an active children’s environment. The play pen was designed to accommodate small children and dimensions were designed around this.  Printed fabric cushions were added to the sides of the unit along with sponge boxes to provide safe play and additional product branding in the activation area.

Sensory panels were incorporated onto the front of the large product boxes that included different textures and reflective pieces for babies to enjoy sensory play.  We also incorporated a lenticular panel featuring the dancing babies from the television commercial. The images were added to draw people in towards the activation, using movement to catch the eye.


The instore activity resulted in a high increase in sales across all stages of baby cereal over the course of the campaign period and this trend continued following completion of the campaign.

There was a significant percentage increase in sales value across all promotional activity to include control stores. There was also a significant percentage increase in customers across stores with aisle takeover only and those stores with both aisle takeover and experiential activity.

Trial and repeat shows the experiential campaign encouraged more first and second time customers to trial the Milupa brand than in-aisle POS only. The experiential activity stores produced a higher level of triallists versus control stores indicating that the experiential campaign was highly effective in attracting new customers to the brand.