Maltesers In-store Personalisation Project

Client: Maltesers brand on behalf of Mars Ireland


Project: Maltesers Personalisation Project across multiple Dunnes Stores in Ireland, over Valentines weekend. The Maltesers brand plays on the lighter side of life and this campaign was seen as a way to bring the Maltesers personality into stores, and extend it to their customer.



  • To interrupt the shopper on their path with in-store theatre
  • To drive consumer engagement with Maltesers 360g boxes
  • To raise awareness of the Maltesers brand outside the confectionery aisle
  • To drive purchase of Maltesers boxes



We were tasked with bringing the Maltesers personality to the customer through in-store activity, creating in-store theatre and encouraging interaction with the brand. We supported multiple Mars Ireland teams to activate personalised printing stations, where customers could create their own ‘unique’ product. We began by taking the Maltesers creative* and adapting it to this project to produce the following assets:


  • In-Store collateral including present shaped pallet wrap with bow, design & keyline creation
  • Sampling stand artwork
  • In-store rendering
  • Pallet wrap concepts
  • Sourcing and production of printed sleeves and personalised ribbons.


We also had responsibility for the following elements of the project:

  • Sourcing of hardware
  • Software development
  • Staff Training
  • Phone Support
  • In-Store Activation
  • In-Store collateral
  • Kitting and fulfilment for Mars associate gift
  • Supporting the digital PR activity with Edelman


Personalised products are proven to be more engaging and memorable for the customer  which in turn drives satisfaction, sales and brand loyalty, whilst growing share at retail level.


This large scale personalisation production and roll-out of in-store POS and in-store theatre was extremely successful for the Maltesers brand and resulted in a phenomenal increase in daily sales of Maltesers 360g boxes over the course of the campaign and was within the 5 top selling products in the store that weekend. The success led directly to a Maltesers Mother’s Day personalised campaign in March.

Further personalisation campaigns followed with Galaxy Easter eggs and a combined “Thank You Teacher” and Father’s Day campaign in June.

*Lead creative credited to Irish International BBDO