Low Low Social Case Study

LowLow Social Content Campaign 2017

Client: Kerry Group

Project: LowLow Awareness Campaign through social channels

Objective: With the average health consumer buying less spread per year, we were tasked with keeping LowLow front of mind in the declining health category along with the following;

  • Convert medium loyals to heavy loyals
  • Increase usage amongst heavy loyals
  • Upweight usage amongst new customers
  • Demonstrate versatility and health benefits of LowLow
  • Inspire and Engage our audience

The Campaign: With LowLow’s single-minded proposition being ‘Eat good and Feel good with LowLow’, our target audience were Traditionalists and Health Watchers. Content was created for Instagram and Facebook based around the versatility for cooking/baking with each post sitting under one of LowLow’s three key pillars – Cook Well, Live Well, or Eat Well.

  • Each quarter a content calendar was created outlining the number of posts per month and the post type
  • Throughout the year there was a content mix of video, competitions, recipes for cooking, recipes for baking, and lifestyle posts
  • 17 competitions were held in 2017
  • Each recipe posted contained a link to a custom designed PDF recipe that the user could download

Results: Introducing new post types to Facebook/Instagram allowed LowLow to maintain a loyal audience that continued to share posts with their peers, resulting in a significant increase in both engagement and new followers.

  • On average, LowLow’s Facebook posts received 371% more engagement than the target KPI each quarter.
  • 65,000 video views.
  • 16,000 minutes of video content watched by target audience.
  • Facebook posts on average reached 53% more people than our target reach each quarter, reaching over half a million people overall.
  • Recipes were viewed almost 18,000 times throughout the year.