Jack Daniels Single Barrel ‘Personal Collection’

Client: Edward Dillon & Co.

Project: JD Single Barrel ‘Personal Collection’


The objectives for this campaign were two-fold:

  1. To create an eye-catching display unit that disrupts in a busy tradeshow environment.
  2. Highlight the premium, one-off nature of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Personal Collection.

The Campaign:

The target market for this campaign is whiskey enthusiasts looking for a premium product with a difference.

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select is carefully chosen from the upper floors of their barrelhouse, where the whiskey interacts more with the handmade oak barrels to develop a robustness of character and creates subtle notes of caramel and spice. Each barrel is distinctly unique due to its location in the barrelhouse and the personality of the wood. As a result, every single one has its own individual flavour and character. Hence the unique neck strip with the date, bottle number and even where it was rested in the cellar! Customers can select their very own barrel and have it individually bottled and personalised.

Edward Dillion & Co. required a premium display unit to showcase their retail exclusive partnership with Jack Daniels Single Barrel ‘Personal Collection’ for a tradeshow they were hosting.



Our design team were tasked with developing a bespoke SKU that communicated the high-end, premium nature of Jack Daniel’s Singe Barrel hero bottle. To signify each barrel having its own personality and characteristics that define the taste and aroma of the whiskey, a jar of each of the key grains that whiskey is blended from were incorporated into the design. The key messages “Jack Daniels Single Barrel” and “From one handpicked barrel to you” needed to be clearly visible, with the hero bottle on display.



A premium unit was created which showcased the Single Barrel product off to the best of its ability. The initial requirement for the unit was to present the hero product, Single Barrel “Personal Collection” at a busy tradeshow. It has since been incorporated into further consumer facing tradeshows and Flagship retail stores.

The stand was produced to hold six gift boxes, along with a hero bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel. The lead image was created to sit on a barrel end, designed with a backlit Single Barrel Logo, which illuminates the liquid and really showcases the deep rich colour of the whiskey. This image was interchangeable to allow the stands to rehouse alternate Jack Daniels products facilitating their use on other campaigns.