eir Sport Launch

Client: eir

Project: eir Sport Launch

Objective: To lead an awareness campaign promoting the launch of eir Sport across multiple channels.


The project was broken down into three key areas:

Campaign – “Setting Sports Free” to include print and outdoor campaigns.

Launch Event – branded premia.

Brand Awareness – branded product drop for media and branded wear for eir Sport staff.

The Campaign:

This campaign was delivered nationally, across multiple channels. We managed a direct mail campaign to 428k homes including 165,0000 mails broken down by 85,000 pop-up mails and 80,000 6 page DMs dispatched in 30k drops over 8 days. We print managed 6 different types of direct mail to include a unique pop-up mail and a personalised letter and insert mailing of 263k, dropping 35-45k a day in the first week and 10-15k a day in the second week.

We also produced press inserts and outdoor advertising with a consistent brand message along with a building wrap and window vinyl’s at eir HSQ. The outdoor campaign consisted of a fleet of T-sides, billboard advertisements of various sizes (Golden Squares /6 sheets /48/96/240) and train station takeovers.

We produced branded premia for the launch event in eir HSQ to include branded jerseys and branded rugby and soccer balls, along with a media drop of cupcakes on launch day. We also produced umbrellas and cameraman bibs for the eir Sport staff and camera crew.

eir Sport is first major broadcasting move since eir acquired Setanta Sports Ireland. eir Sport is a sports package of six channels, comprising the two former Setanta channels and four BT Sports channels. The package will be available all eir broadband customers or over its eir TV platform. It will also be available to new customers.