Absolut Raspberri

Client: Pernod-Ricard for the Absolut Brand

Project: Absolut Raspberri awareness campaign


To lead an awareness campaign for Absolut Raspberri across digital and outdoor channels, with a view to increasing website traffic.


A full suite of innovative digital assets was created for both online and outdoor promotion. The assets were broken down into the following areas:

HTML.5 Rich Media Banners

Digital 6 Sheets

Orb Screen motion graphics

Social Media Graphics

Animated Digital Graphics


In designing the campaign elements, our design team used a combination of HTML5 and motion graphics to bring the ads to life and add a sophisticated style of animation that reflects the Absolut brands minimalist approach.

Using the Absolut Raspberri creative we introduced expandable digital banners with a three-step recipe which offered the reader something “extra”. This added value to the ad whilst providing a useful and fun take-away.

Social media graphics were designed for Facebook, Instagram and Spotify that included carousel, canvas and slideshow ads.

For the outdoor elements of the campaign we created a digital motion graphic ad for the 6-sheets and Orb screens which showcased the drink recipe and the visual experience of the Absolut Raspberri fizz.