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Mellon Educate School Building Blitz

Mellon Educate School Building Blitz

Custodian Managing Director Bernard Lyons is delighted to be taking part in the Mellon Educate School Building Blitz this month.  Mellon Educate believes that every child deserves a quality education and by improving schooling they are helping to permanently improve children’s health, welfare, equality and social independence.  The goal of the programme is to provide educational improvements for 100,000 disadvantaged children in Africa over a 2-phased approach.

Bernard and his wife Liz arrived in Cape Town last weekend to participate in much needed building work for two schools in the Wallacedence Township.  Whilst 2018 marks Liz’s tenth year with Mellon Educate, this is the first year that Bernard will accompany her on the trip!  Wishing them both the very best of luck.


To find out more about Mellon Educate please visit www.melloneducate.com