The future of digital in Ireland

Our Head of Digital Aoife McEvoy discusses the future of digital in Ireland below…

Plenty of buzzwords get bandied around when we talk about emerging trends, innovation and the future of digital. The internet of things (and now nanothings), artificial intelligence, new forms of ‘reality’ – virtual, mixed and augmented – self-drive cars, 3D printing, wearables, native content, big data, Google Home, live streaming, the list is endless.

In such a rapidly-evolving environment it can be difficult to determine which options will prove most effective in communicating your message to the right audience in a meaningful and valuable way. In some cases applying real digital innovation can be cost prohibitive as it is too new to evaluate potential return on investment.  So who become the early adopters then? And what turns from a gadget or gimmick to a viable trend?

Practical Application of Digital Innovation

We have seen time and again that it’s the practical application of digital innovation that will facilitate it’s growth. People like hassle-free, and are looking for apps and devices that will help make things just that bit quicker and simpler. In marketing terms, because attention spans have shortened, user journeys need to be more intuitive and our messages even more visually engaging and succinct. The continuing growth of mobile marketing and video content reflect this.

It’s no longer simply about the message you are getting out there, but rather how and where you are feeding out that message through the array of devices, applications and online technologies that now support and channel it.

Content Personalisation

Luckily, clever people are developing clever ways to help monitor consumer behaviours. Perhaps the refinement in tracking, metrics and insights is one of the most useful advancements in digital over the past few years. Whilst some balk at the big brother-esque ability to monitor behaviours and patterns, we have nonetheless become accustomed and therefore more expectant of such content relevancy and personalisation.

Avoid over-reliance

The watch here is not to allow an over-reliance on digital application and algorithmic interpretation only. Digital marketing, whilst highly intelligent and adaptable still has the same end goal as more traditional forms – engage with your audience and prompt consideration for your brand or service.  As massive steps continue in the digital space, technology still requires us hold the reigns to leverage its best potential.

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

As customers continue to move between devices and engage with brands across multiple channels, it is vital to understand the role each specific channel plays within your customers journey.  Implementing an integrated marketing campaign across design, production and delivery whether digital, print our out-of-home allows for audience engagement at every level.