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Delivering an Effective Design Brief

Delivering an Effective Design Brief

The design brief is the starting point for any project or campaign. It states what you’re hoping to achieve and sets the parameters of what you expect your designers to accomplish.

A good brief will not only guide you through the creative process, it will also allow you to evaluate how successful your project has been once it is completed.

By talking to your designers, as well as the people inside your business, you can ensure that the work you are commissioning fits with the wider aims of the organisation and guarantee that your design consultancy understands those aims.

To help you achieve the perfect brief, we’ve outlined seven key items to consider and get the best outcome possible.

Do you have a short or long lead time? We will be able to co-ordinate designers and any suppliers with a set deadline date.

What are the deliverables – a digital design, a newsletter, printed collateral? Think about all of the
elements you need from the project. Are there any specifications or sizes the designer needs adhere to?

Detail the project using keywords
How the project come about? What are the objectives of the project?
Consider that a list of bullet points may be more successful in portraying an image of what you require as opposed to long prose. It is much wiser to be concise to get your point across.

Reference similar projects
It is always a good idea to reference any similar projects that you’d like your project to emulate. References are a good starting point for designers to gain a feel for the tone and structure of a design piece. Include where possible.

Target Audience
All design is communication, so the brief needs to contain information about the audience you are trying to communicate with. We need to put ourselves in the shoes of the audience and think about how the intended audience might respond to it.

The ‘do nots’
Include information on what you do not want to see in the design work. This point can often be overlooked, however it is a useful way of ensuring you’ve covered all your bases with the designer.

Call us for a debrief
If in doubt about any aspect of the design, please call us directly and we would be happy to discuss your project in detail. In fact, we encourage a debrief with clients after a written brief is sent through, to talk over any weak points or additional ideas we may have to enhance your project design. Call us anytime for a chat.