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Custodian win 3 awards at the FMBEs 2018!

Custodian win 3 awards at the FMBEs 2018!

Custodian were delighted to be nominated for five campaigns at the FMBE Awards 2018, four within the Most Effective Stand/Display category and one within the Product Launch (FMCG) winning gold with Uncle Ben’s ‘Chinese New Year’ and bronze with Milupa ‘Tailored for Little Tummies’. We also received an overall nomination with PRL In-Market Solutions for Agency of The Year, winning Silver.

The FMBE Awards champion best practice in field marketing and brand experience and celebrate the sales and marketing professionals that support brands ensuring they gain the greatest possible presence at retail. The Awards also celebrate live brand experiences or experiential marketing, where live events are used in combination with other media to directly impact consumers and shoppers to generate results including sales, brand or product advocacy, brand recall, word of mouth recommendation, social media advocacy, market insight and advertising content.

Agency of The Year – SILVER  Winner

Custodian and PRL In-Market Solutions (PRL Group) were brought forward by the FMBE judges for this category, which attracts the full breadth of face to face sales and experiential marketing expertise. The unique and successful partnership of PRL In-Market Solutions and Custodian allows us to offer cradle-to-grave product, brand and campaign management services within a creative and collaborative atmosphere.

Uncle Ben’s ‘Chinese New Year’ – GOLD Winner

Taking into consideration the sheer number of in-store activity that takes place in any given month we were tasked with designing and creating an out-standing functional Uncle Bens display unit that would enhance the brand experience around the Chinese New Year theme by creating in-store theatre.

The overall objective of this campaign was to increase recruitment to the brand and drive awareness. During the period of this activity the brand saw huge support from key retailers. Sales volume is significantly higher in 2018 than 2017 for the Chinese New Year period and sales are up in volume across all Uncle Bens sub sections

Milupa ‘Tailored For Little Tummies’ – BRONZE Winner

Our design team were tasked with designing an exciting experiential POS creative concept around Milupa baby cereals. With the target audience and campaign objectives in mind the design needed to be interactive for parent and baby, be able to display product and compelling enough to stop shoppers and their babies in their tracks.

An interactive children’s ‘play-area’  was developed which was comprised of multiple elements including a play pen, soft floor tiles, sensory area, child size chairs, spongey product boxes, lenticular panels and an FSDU.

The instore activity resulted in a high increase of sales across all stages of baby cereal over the course of the campaign period and this trend has continued following campaign completion.

The winning combination of our creative team with our production knowledge means we can confidently deliver innovative, stand-out communications which result in strong market disruption, measurable sales uplift and a clear increase in brand awareness.